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  *  Accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, August 15, 1979

*  Accepted God’s calling to teach and preach His Word, August 15, 1984

Bachelor of Arts Biblical Studies, Gordon College

Master of Arts Theological Studies, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

Doctor of Philosophy New Testament & Early Christian Origins, Duke University

Eric James Greaux Sr., Pastor

    October 2012, Eric, grieved by a famine in the land of simple, sound, biblical preaching that points sinners to Christ, founded Triad Ministries Church of God in Christ (COGIC) located in Kernersville, NC.  Here, he delivers sermons comprised of alliteration and delineated points that help listeners remember and apply God’s Word; thereby, becoming hearers and doers of the Word.

    There is no question that twenty-five years of educational experience augments his work in ministry.   Eric is a gifted instructor who teaches with passion and enthusiasm. Triad members are delighted to "soak in his understanding of Greek and Hebrew that he freely shares."

    His wife, Loring “Mimi” Greaux and two sons, Eric and Tyler, and his adopted daughter Morine attest that through Eric’s teaching, preaching, and lifestyle of holiness and integrity, the Bible assumes its rightful place in the life of believers –

It lives in them!

     According to Pastor Greaux, “Triad Ministries Church of God in Christ (COGIC) is not my church, it is God’s church for God’s people and I am honored to be a servant.” This sentiment resonates with Triad members, “Pastor Greaux deeply loves God, God’s Word, and God’s people.  He is highly educated, anointed man of God who is not ashamed to preach and teach the gospel.”

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